Monday, October 18, 2010

Look at my new Watermark!!!

Hey everybody, Monday morning, beautiful outside, a day off work....doesn't get much better than that!!! I've got a long list of stuff to do, but that's fun too...wouldn't want to be bored or without a hundred projects that need attention!!! THAT'S LIFE!!! God wants us to be productive, and the most important question we have to answer EVERY DAY is "am I being loving to the people around me as I go about getting my work done?"

My biggest problem as I answer the question above is that I am constantly late in getting my cards to the people I want to bless. I get side-tracked, forget the card or the envelope, am late in getting cards done, etc. etc. etc. My focus right now is to break this and get my cards out on time.

That's why I've been making four at a get some extras in my stash. Here's the next two I have from the inchies set:

Don't they look totally different? I LOVE IT!!!  I started the Pooh one with the inchies and the trees... then got really stuck as to what to do with the rest. There was a challenge that I saw (My favorite things) that asked for a fave character and I knew then exactly what I wanted. I know I'm old now, but I have loved Pooh from when it first came out and my kids were really into it. His little sayings and the deep, heartfelt friendship between them all still touches my heart.

You know what that really cute background for the trees is??? a giftcard holder that I saved because I KNEW I could use it sometime down the road. Pooh is a copy out of a kids' book.  The leaves are stamped and cut out of an advertisement for a stamp store. I really LOVE using advertisements, magazines, whatever catches my eye, because when you cut designs out of them, they are so unique and interesting.

The second card is my favorite I think. I used distressed inks to color paper to different shades of orange, red and pink. Then I stamped on the pieces with little stamps. Here again, I cut some clear stamps apart to get words or images for what I need right then. I store the pieces together so that the original image is not lost.  The black flourishes on each side are actually the ends of a tag I bought at Hobby Lobby from Sizzix. It is made for Hobby Lobby, so you probably have to purchase it there.

Here's the challenges for these cards:

Well, that's it for me for today. On to paint my bedroom wall.


  1. Wow what terrific cards! thanks for playing with Corrosive challenge

  2. cute cards! thanks for joining the corrosive challenge this week!

  3. What a pretty project! Thank you for sharing and inspiring! It's time for another challenge at Papercraft Star and we hope that you will consider using your creative talents to join us for our "Thank You" theme! We are currently accepting applications for our Design Team too and It's also not too late to sign up for our $25.00 gift certificate drawing! Hope you visit us today!


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