Friday, February 12, 2016

Good to be back...

Well hello everyone out there in blogland...

It's been over a year since I have written on my blog.
OMG, so much has happened in my life...AND IN YOURS...I am sure!
There are times in our lives that things are just going along pretty "smoothly, naturally or normally" and we are grateful for that...and then comes the times that everything seems to come apart or end in some way and we have to start over.  Even though we know that this is the "God deemed" phases of life, it still takes our breath away and we have to get a tighter grip on God's hand and follow His lead.

That "hang in there with God" time happened to us in the summer of 2014. My hubby had serious health issues and we both lost our jobs.  All our kids live out of state so we decided this was the time God was moving us out of Michigan to live closer to our middle daughter. That turned out to be in TEXAS because at that same time, our son-in-law decided to get a job with a different company. HOW EXCITING AND TERRIFYING!!! Not only were we moving...both of us were moving to a State we had never even thought of living in!!! TEXAS: WE'RE GOING TO LIVE IN TEXAS????

So, here we are: settling in nicely. LOVING SAN ANTONIO!!! and loving being close to each other. It is so wonderful to have ONE of our families living close enough to come over, go shopping and enjoy all the other "family" things that we love. Now we just have to get the rest of our kids to move over here...(I'm a praying parent/ you never know what might be in God's plan)!

I am finally back to my scrapbooking/card-making.  It is time to get some of my creations entered into the challenges that I have participated in before and some of the new ones that have cropped up. I love challenges!!

Here's my card:
The card was cut with my Cameo...I LOVE that machine.
I used two different background stamps to make the card interesting.
Sprayed with colored spritz and added metallic fragments to the centers of the flowers.

Here's the challenges I entered: Mixed Media Challenge: Paint
        Used water colors, sprays, Background stamps is the theme
         I thought of saying thank you from the heart One layer
         Even though my card is cut on my Cameo...I think it is still a one                  layer. I have never participated in Simon Says, I have followed their             blog  for a long time.
Click To Play the inspiration image is                    above. I believe my card fits this image.

This is it for today...
Again, good to be back...hope you leave me a comment and let me know you're in this with me.