Monday, May 6, 2013

Hello again....

Well, almost two months went by since I blogged, I just can't believe it.
I never stopped creating, I just procrastinate about posting it!!!
I'm working on that!!!

There are two crafty projects that I am working on right now.
One is to make cards for our church shut-ins, the other is an album for our daughter's 25th wedding anniversary. I love both of these projects so much!!! I tend to enjoy layouts a little more than cards, but both are great. And I like it because it shifts your thinking. Smaller projects just work differently than a large piece with several pictures on it.
YES...crafting is good, fulfilling, energizes our lives AND gives much joy to the receiver.
Like Hallmark says, "When you care enough to send (or give) your very best"...and our very best is a piece of ourselves...our very inner being. That is a gift beyond compare.

So, in this post I am going to share a page from the album. It's 4 pictures of our daughter's oldest kids when they were babies. Luke was first and Bekah came 14 months later. These pics are so adorable!!! It's really a special privilege to be a grandparent and see a second generation grow and become adults. Both of these kids are now in college and doing very well.

So here's the pic:

Right away I wanted to do a scalloped side border, but I didn't want it to go all the way around, and I wanted it to look like it was sticking out of the top page. I cut the turquoise sheet at an angle on the two corners and folded it over the scallops. Looks really good...I like it!

I am very bad at journaling and I really wanted to say something about those pictures. So I cut tiny tags in yellow and attached them to the appropriate picture. I am sure it could have been done more creatively, I've gotta work on that!! The picture where Bekah is kind of laying is so CUTE!! I have loved that ever since we took it. She is really skinny now so I can show it in the album without em-barrasing her, but she was a little chub and every time we tried to sit her up (she was only about 3 months old!) she would fall back in this sprawled out position that just brought so much laughter, we would all be in tears. The little tag says "I could get a bite...if I could just sit up!!!"

The dragonfly is sitting on a circle medallion from Memory Box. Their products are among the
 best !! Their dies are so thin and delicate and look beautiful on anything!

I am entering this into the
     Their challenge is to use pick two colors from aqua, yellow & coral. I picked the aqua &
Also entering the
     Their challenge is "Anything goes". Their Scripture is "children are a gift from the Lord".

Thank you so much for stopping by.
I love to read other designers' blogs...hope you enjoy looking at mine too!
Leave me a comment, please...I love to hear from you.

Bunches of hugs,