Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our daughter's 21st Annivversary...

Our daughter was married on leap day 21 years ago. She was so excited about doing that and still enjoys it very much. We always laugh about how many years (counting only the leap years, of course); being one of a few who can choose between two days 3 years out of four; etc. Their wedding was even covered in our city newspaper as one of a handful who chose to get married on that day.

So I made this card as a "not the traditional" anniversary card. Leap day is not traditional so I thought they needed something out of the ordinary. I love the heart cut-out. It is a Dazzles heart from "Hot off the Press". Dazzles come on a lift-off sheet and are the basic design outline, plus a cut-out design on the inside. They are really beautiful and you can put them on anything, beautiful paper, fabric, or like in this case, a painted transparency.

Two years ago, Tim Holtz did his "Chemistry 101" class...all about alcohol inks. It was really fun to learn and I did a bunch of layering colors on transparencies. I kept the pieces and use them once in a while for embellies. Those transparencies took the color really well and came out very richly colored.

The heart is layered on a TWINCHIE (2x2 inch) and has a gold key attached at the bottom. (Key to my heart...get it? (hee hee). The black twinchie was embossed with clear UTEE and came out quite thick. I bent it back and forth to get it to crack in places. It's difficult to see because the heart covered most of it, but it's visible when you look closely.

The paper was a pretty flowered piece that I distressed with Distress color (burlap brown) and I added some pink dots. After looking at it though, I wish I had put on some small hearts...

That beautiful lace is from Frilly & Funky...she has the most beautiful lace at a wonderful price.

Here's the pics:

I am entering this card in these two challenges:

That's it for me today.
The whole country has had a lot of bad weather this February...
I'm looking for a much better March...SUN!!! YES!!!!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Have you made your heart sing today?

I don't see too much Iris folding on the blogs right now.
I'm sure it was popular at different times, but a friend and I went to a card class and she had us try this technique. It was really a lot of fun!!! 
I was kind of surprised that I liked it because, while it looked kind of interesting, I never thought about actually using it on a card. The teacher had several patterns for us to choose from and that boot was just calling my name...I knew I'd find a use for it.

I got home and I realized that it would soon be my granddaughter's 17th Birthday and the boot would be PERFECT!!! So I made a tag that she could use for a bookmark and I really like the way it turned out.
My big mistake was that I did not have any gesso to prep the paper before I painted it that blue color.
The acrylic paint made the card wetter than I thought, and because of the bulk of the folded paper underneath it stayed wet for a long time.

So, I learned a lot:
       Don't use acrylic paint unless you use gesso first.
       Prepare the front piece BEFORE you adhere it to the folds.
       Prepare the back BEFORE you adhere it to the front.
       In other words, do everything seperately first. Much easier that way.

And here's the pics:

 Isn't that boot great??? The colors turned out so perfect!
The top and the heel of the boot are cut in a single piece of a black glittery sort of paper.
Very cool looking. The rest of the papers are just pieces left over from other projects.
I guess that's the great thing about this Iris folding. You really do get to use up some of those papers that were just too good to throw away. Also, when the paper is folded it brings out different parts of the papers
and looks completely different.

And I LOVE this little statement I found on Pinterest.
So cool! So right for her...but really, so right for EVERYBODY!!!

I've been thinking a lot about this little statement.
Which means that most of the time we will do something to either treat ourselves to something lovely,
or treat someone else to something lovely (a smile or a hug perhaps???)
Most of the time, our heart sings when we have made someone else happy or lightened their load in some way. As we well know though, sometimes we're the ones who need something wonderful to happen. So it's okay to do something to pamper or give ourselves a break.

Take the time, right now, to love on someone who's with you,
     and love on yourself too.

I did find a couple of challenges to enter this tag in: picture inspiration was the blue, brown & maze


Saturday, February 2, 2013

I WON...continued

I am making this a separate post so that the first one doesn't get too lengthy and I can give proper attention to both companies that blessed me with such wonderful prizes.

So now, on to the next win.
This one is from "Heartfelt Creations".
I knew Heartfelt from the dies that they make (i LOVE dies)...but this time they were featuring two separate collections. It included the paper, cut out labels for cards and layouts, stamps AND a beautiful new die.

See it here:

This collection is "Countryside Evening Collection" It is absolutely gorgeous.
I didn't know what a "collection" is...never having gotten one before. But WOW!!!
All you need to add is imagination and embellies!

The paper is double sided and goes perfectly with the stamps. The colors are kind of earthy, some are dark and moody...just like an evening in the country. It will be great with mixed medium...but I don't care much for the messy kind and I can see this more in the vintage elegant Graphic 45 kind.
I really love it!!!

And how about that DIE???? I was already saving to buy that because I watched a video one of their designers did using that die to make half circles and full doily circles. The two are different sizes and different in design so you actually have two different sized doilies or half circles OR corners, of course!!!!

Oh it's time to go and create something!!!

Hope this inspires you to participate in some blog hops (or wherever they are giving something away) and
leave me a note telling me about YOUR win!!!

Many blessings,


I won...I WON...really!!!!

It's really fun to win something, isn't it???
In this scrap world of ours most of us enter challenges, do blog hops, and whatever else is available to have a chance at winning some of the wonderful giveaways that go on.
I don't make it a point to enter too often because blog hops, etc. take a lot of time.
They're fun, but you have to have a hunk of time dedicated to doing just that one hop.
And I'm glad that I do take the time to do these now and then
          Because somtimes good things happen ......
I was the lucky winner of not one but TWO prizes from two different manufacturers.

I could hardly contain myself when I saw my name on their was AWESOME!!!

First one I want to show you is the prize package from Blue Fern Studios.

Blue Fern Studios are new and they make BEAUTIFUL chipboard pieces. As you can see here from the pictures, the designs are beautiful and the cuts are very intricate. They're the type that we all want to have on our pages. The pieces are sturdy and ready to be anointed with whatever kind of paint or media you want to use. I had been looking at their site and oooing and aaahing over everything!!! This was right around Christmas of course, and buying new goodies for scrapbooking was not on the agenda right then.

When I received my package from them I was just so THANKFUL and absolutely THRILLED
with what they picked to send me.
Here's the link to their store and blog.

Thank you, thank you...