Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Same card, twice

Good morning peeps!
I want to show you the other two cards that I made with the same base, but different embellishments. I am really loving this way of working with four bases and yet a different look for each card. I think it actually helps my inspiration to make the first one with my original idea and then thinking "what else can I do...." it seems like my brain starts imagining other twists and it's like playing with new toys!!!  So I am really looking forward to having extra cards in my stash really soon!!!

The butterfly on the top card is made with a Cuttlebug folder I had not used yet...I LOVE IT!!! I don't know how well you can see it....I used an old looking newspaper print I had, applied some browns and oranges (Distress Inks) and then the folder cuts and dry embosses. It turned out really great. I edged it with some more burlap brown distress ink to define the edges a little more. The flourish is a Tim Holtz die cut that cuts two flourishes at the same time...I love both of those and tend to use them everywhere!
Then I put on some tiny black pearls on the butterfly and the flourish.

This second card is not one of my favorites but the colors are pretty and  it makes me think of a friend I have....so that one is getting sent to her for a Birthday I missed a couple of weeks ago....All of these cards say "Thinking of You"....which is true....I'm thinking about how bad I feel for missing their Birthdays lol!!!

Anyway, the ribbon is an absolutely beautiful wide ribbon with beautiful colors. It is see through with these stripes of blue, green and pink. I love beautiful ribbon and this is one of the best.

So, that's it for today. Hope this inspires you to make two, three or four cards at a time but altered so that they don't all look the same....then you never have to worry about sending the same card to the same person twice (ouch...that would not be a good thing) AND it gets your imagination juices flowing to twists things around and use different embellishments from that stash you have.

Of course, finding some challenges to enter is always part of the blogging fun. I love challenge blogs...if you haven't tried them, do it today. There are so many wonderful places to look and enjoy the wonderful talent...Here's some I found that I entered for these cards:


Check out these sites, you'll enjoy the talent.
Please leave me some comments about how you do your cards. I love to hear from you.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ribbon Flowers

Hello everyone,
Been a while since I have had a chance to get to my blogging (or cardmaking for that matter).... Lots of family stuff and work related priorities. I am so behind in getting cards out to people who have had Birthdays that I feel totally embarrassed.
I had to call my friend today and beg her forgiveness for not getting her card out in time. Her Birthday was on the 14th of September!!!!  But, my cards are almost done and I will be mailing out Monday, so then I can get back on track.

I really like to send personal cards to my family and friends and never have enough extras so I can just grab something that has already been made. I was very happy making each card individual and not a repeat, but it is just too hard. I have now decided to make four cards every time I make a card...it saves tons of time and it will give me some extras in my stash. I will still put different embellishments on each card and make each a little different from the other, but the basic card will be the same.

So here's the first card.....
The two flowers are made of a beautiful white ribbon that I colored with Tim Holtz' Distressed Ink Pad called "Spiced Marmalade". It colored so beautifully, I was totally impressed. I am really loving orange this year and this turned out just beautiful! I LOVE it!

I just made a running stitch on the bottom of the ribbon with plain needle and thread and gathered the bottom together as tightly as I could. Used a longer piece for the larger flower and small piece for the smaller one. I secured the flowers with silver shimmery brads and then folded the flowers until I was satisfied with the look. I secured the folds underneath with glue dots. I used small pearls for the flourishes.

Here is the other card, same base, different flower:
Soooo, that's my offerings for this time.
Do you have tips on how to have cards on hand so that I don't have to work in panic mode??????
Leave me a comment and let me know how you do things....

Thanks for visiting,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Here it is September!!!

I can't believe it's OVER!!!!  It's still nice outside, but we all know that cold days are coming!!! I am refusing to think about it until I have to.

We are in Chicago right now, visiting with Shelly (our older daughter) and got to see Sandy yesterday,(our youngest).  It's always so fun and refreshing to get away from work and the normal routine of things. Gives me a new perspective and makes my world larger. I guard against allowing myself to become a small thinker....that's why I love this scrapbooking/cardmaking world of ours. There's always new stuff to see, to try and to experience. There's so much talent and new creative ideas out there that I could spend days just wandering through blogs...enjoying all the art.

Here is a wall hanging I did for Sarah, the youngest in Shelly's household. The color didn't photograph too well....I am still having trouble getting colors that are bright, clear and are closer to what the original is.

The materials used here are odds and ends of what I had. We accumulate a lot of "stuff" and I love every bit of it. Don't throw anything away....and then scrounge around and find ways of using some of it. But, as you know, it is never ending because we always fall in love with more "stuff".

That's it for today....
Be blessed dear friends,