Monday, January 21, 2013

Did YOU get anything new from CHA??????

Hello fellow bloggers,
Mid January already...WOW!!!
Of course, that means that CHA has happened and we are flooded with NEW EXCITING stuff!!!
I don't know if it has something to do with crafting, or some other personality trait that seems to pop up in this field, but I want everything that I like!!!

Every year the manufacturers come out with products that are just MORE of what we want!!!
It isn't just the's that the things we already have and love to use are even more appealing than they were before...
     the die cuts are more interesting,
     the papers are gorgeous,
     the stamps are more artistic
     And the stencils & masks....what can I say...I WANT SOME!!!!

BUT...hold on, take your time and enjoy getting some products little by little.
Unless you have unlimited funds, you're going to have to work with your budget...and you CAN do it!!! That's what I'm telling myself, and I know it's what I have to do.

So with that, I want to show you a page I made for my Life/Prayer Journal.
This journal is happening as I am finding inspiration for pages that reflect my feelings at that time.
 Right now this is my first page. I don't know if it will stay that way, but I am using a 3ring binder so that I can change the order if I feel like it.

  It seems kind of plain on the post here...but I really like it.

Here's the challenges I am entering with this layout: one for the girls
         No pinks for me...this is as girly as I get :o) follow your muse
           I am journaling my inspiration for 2013 anything goes inspiration photo
         I love the photo and the red of the trees was exactly the color of this paper I had that
         I wanted to use. I had to add the green because I want to remember that after the red
         of fall comes the white beauty of winter and then comes green and the earth is renewed 

I used "Lost & Found" paper by DCWV...I love this paper.
There's a  rub-on butterfly, a metal butterfly and a handmade flower that is specifically made to
     stay flat.
I have used rub-on words, bling letters & words cut from paper.
I have stamped & embossed the gold flourishes and the typewriter is printed on the paper.

That will do it for me this time.
Please leave me a note to let me know you've been here...I would love it very much!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New Year...a new adventure!!!

I pray for all of you a wonderful and blessed 2013!!!
May you grow in grace and beauty.
May you lavish your love on all those God has given you.
May your relationships be beautiful and sweet and fill you with healing and peace.

This crafting world that we are a part of is so supportive with such a positive attitude on their blogs.
I follow quite a few of my favorite designers, and there are so many more that I am not even aware of,
but it's so good to see everyone sharing their knowledge, their creativity, their spin on things...
Most share freely, spelling out everything they have done so those of us who want to learn more can do so.... Even to having some free wonderful classes (or at a small cost).

I am so EXCITED!!! I saw a class that was being given "Creative Jumpstart 2013 Summit" by N*Studio
and it started on Jan. 1.  It was free but you had to sign up (I don't know if you can still sign up or not).
Anyway, there are many designers who are participating and it's so exciting to have an email class every morning when I get up.  This morning it was HEIDI SWAPP!!! My absolute favorite from the time I started in scrapbooking (back in 2005) and she is just so just can't help but want to get up and go MAKE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL!!!

So now I want to tell you about a very new adventure for me.
I started a Life/Prayer Journal.
I know, I know, the whole crafting world out there is into life journals...
And after reading about all these themes of "make sure you get yourself into pictures",
"journal about your dreams, your wishes, your life", it finally started to sink in that that's a world
of scrapbooking that I had never really thought about.
I think I even felt self-conscious of even wanting to scrap about me.
But the more I read about it, the more I wanted to do it!!!

Then it hit me, I wanted to document my life as I really am and want to be...
       a Christ follower...a daughter of the King...a lover of the LORD of my life.
I actually got my first page while I was visiting my daughter last September. 
I hadn't brought any materials with me, but I was bored while she was studying and decided it was the time to start.
We went shopping at a Michael's (in Virginia Beach) some great buys, beautiful paper and enough stuff to work on my first page.
What fun!!! 
I was happy!!!

Now, the one I am showing today is not my first page but it is so appropriate for the theme of the new year...I called it "I See Beautiful"  sounds weird, doesn't it? But the phrase comes from a music album by Tammy Trent, done a few years ago. She did a concert at our church and she called it "I See Beautiful". And that just never left my head. I loved it!!!
So, I see beautiful too...beautiful Scripture,
      beautiful people,
      beautiful things...
I added some of my favorite Scripture on the page (in my own handwriting, of course...gotta do that to be journaling about me, right?) and made the page beautiful (at least in my eyes)...and that's what counts, right????

Here's my layout: 

Here's a closer look so you can read the heading easier:

The paper is from a pack I bought that I just love. It's called "Lost & Found" by My Mind's Eye.
    The big beautiful pink flower is from a magazine. I saw that flower and  instantly knew that I needed to do a page on beautiful things that I see. The colors are just so striking. And I am a person who is totally passionate about color. It's what I see.  It always has to do with the color.
     Then I wanted to set off the title and I used my Cricut for the word.
      I cut some flourishes with the Cricut and also used other flourishes, flowers, the butterfly and other embellishments from my stash on hand.

I am entering this on these challenges: ... My word for
         2013 is I see Beautiful.  It is what I will live by and make it a practice to see the world through
         God's eyes It's all about me. Trust in the Lord...My focus is to see my world through God's
          eyes. last bit about this journal.
Working on these pages somehow is different than working on my other projects.
I think it might have something to do with emotions. 
These pages are about my feelings. My passions. What is important to me.
I leave a hunk of me on the page.
Not that I didn't invest myself into the other projects. I did. 
I never stopped making cards and albums of trips, gatherings, etc. and I enjoyed doing them very much.
The memories were great and it was fun.
But this journal is more than that...

If you have not started one yet...try it, you'll like it!!!

Many blessings,