Friday, June 21, 2013

A card for my hubby,

Hello peeps in blogland,

We are having such wonderful weather here in Michigan.
I look forward to spring and summer so much. Everything turns that beautiful bright of every kind start to pop out all at once...and there it is!!!
That long awaited spring with the feel of fresh, warm breeze. It seems to wash everything clean
and make us feel like everything is better.
I wish it would last forever, but that wouldn't work because we probably would get tired of it.
I would sure like to try it though.

I have been quite ill lately and have not kept up with things very well. I get migraines and the last few weeks have been really tough. Hard to be creative when you just want to crawl into bed and stay there.

I did get some stuff done though and will be sharing it as I get better.
Mostly, I made cards for family and our church shut-ins.
I can honestly say I am really tired of working on cards.
Last night and this morning I went back to working on a layout and put another page together for my daughter's book. It was so fun to get back to a layout. And it's fun too because of the pictures and the memories that come up.

But today I am sharing a card I made for my hubby.
It's very simple, but that's all that I could come up with.
It also fits really well with a challenge I saw just as I was making the card.
Here it is:

The challenge is at
We are given an inspiration card and need to create a card using any of the elements for inspiration.
My card uses the color blue and also the chevron design. I was already thinking of the chevron before I even saw the challenge so I was very happy to be able to join that challenge site and play along for the first time.

I am also entering the challenge at
Dutch Dare is asking for anything that begins with "B" my card that is BLUE & BROWN

The card really doesn't need any explanation. It's pretty straightforward and simple.
Actually, I am not a big fan of plain and simple cards. That seems to be the rage right now and some are really beautiful and I am trying my hand at them too. But I tend to like more "stuff" on my cards and pages. Plain and simple always makes me feel like I'm not finished. Something should be added to all that white space.

That's what's so great about this craft...Anything and everything is wonderful as long as you love what you are doing!!!

Be blessed and have a great week,