Thursday, July 15, 2010

A fun, crafty day with the grandkids...

Hi everybody,
WOW it's been about two weeks since I've gotten on my blog....
Our daughter and her family are visiting us from Chicago and I get so involved in doing things with them and keeping the kids entertained that making cards has taken a back seat (not in my mind, just in my time on the computer). Anyway, we are having a great time and even spent one whole day crafting.

We found a project...making tiles...then went to the store, bought some Sculpey clay, a HUGE pack of shells made for craft projects, beads, etc. AND frames to cover with the tiles. The next day was actual craft day...rolled out and cut the clay into tile are very inventive and we had shapes of all sizes and shapes (very few square ones for this crew!!!)  We used stamps to get images on the tiles (worked really great!) Dried them in the oven, then colored images and tiles to our hearts' content. We attached beads, glitter, wire...all sorts of stuff that is in abundance in any scrapping area. The problem is, EVERYTHING gets pulled out and the putting back isn't nearly as fun as the pulling out (sigh).
This is the youngest...Eli, he is 5...he was very particular about his tiles. Only used a few colors and he wouldn't allow us to cover the words (which is actually where he was supposed to put the tiles so that he would have a frame around his "Picture"....BUT this is how he saw his project and was very pleased with it!!!
This is Kassidy...She is 10 yrs old. Again, knew exactly what she wanted. Didn't want the tiles together. Made her own "Jesus" picture for the center...looked great! She also made a necklace for herself and a bracelet for her new teacher when school starts....get on the good side of the teacher right from the get-go. No, really, I think it's wonderful that she even thought of her teacher in the middle of summer vacation.

And here's their oldest....Kirstin, she's 14....lovely job. We found this friend frame that she really liked and then decorated it to make it her own...I love the detail and the "organized" look.

Most of was a GREAT TIME together...Fun for a granny to watch the new generation show off their personalities and do "their" thing!!!!

So, that's it for now. We'll be alone again next week so I will be posting cards and things will be back to normal....BUT I WILL MISS HAVING A HOUSE FULL OF FUN, LAUGHTER, FIGHTING, and being a FAMILY!!!! Family is God's gift to us....and I am very thankful for mine.


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