Monday, February 7, 2011


Finally, my heart and soul tell me it's time to get back to doing what I love...
I have been trying to update my blog background and header...and as you can see,without much success.
I bought a beautiful header and background from Heidi Swapp's "House of Three" (they have such beautiful stuff there)...but I can't get it on. I'm pretty computer savvy, but not savvy enough. I'm going to have to write to them for help.

Besides that, I lost my way, my mojo, my desire...whatever you call it, I just didn't have it. Maybe holidays overload...maybe just a cycle we go through...even though I got some cards done, the excitement and the passion was not there. I needed God's touch to create in order to bless others and  let them know they are loved. God blessed me with that this weekend. I got an inspiration for a card for my husband for Valentine's Day that I was so excited about, my mind was spinning.
From there, I saw ideas everywhere!!! I wanted to make a card for everyone!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!

So, here we go.
I thank God for renewing and refreshing us just exactly when we need it!

Here's a picture I made this weekend to hang on my bedroom wall.  Last year we brought our granddaughter Rebekah home for a visit from college so she could go to Art Prize. It is a competition where artists from all over the world come to town and display their art all over the city. It is a wonderful experience for anyone who loves to see art in many different forms. Anyway, we had a great time and I did this picture to remember our time together.
This is the picture as it hangs on the wall.

Here is the middle frame that has one of my favorite sayings on it:
wipes the
Dust off
Isn't that too true???
Wonderful to hang somewhere where you can read it at the time you need  a lift and a reason to create!!!

My new technique for this project? (I am not forgetting to use a new technique every time)
First of all, I had never embellished a frame that was hung on a wall. I had stayed away from displaying my art...can you say INTIMIDATED????
Anyway, that was a new the papers, the embellies, etc. were a totally new way of seeing it as a hanging instead of as a  page.
Second...the poem was first printed on the background paper. I didn't like the look.
I then came up with setting it apart by printing the poem on vellum...taking the frame apart and inserting the vellum inbetween. Hard to do once everything is glued down. Live and learn!!!

I really liked doing the frame.
I will be doing more!!!

Thanks for visiting.


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  2. That's a beautiful wall hanging Elena! I think it's wonderful to use your gift of crafting to create warm memories. Love it! Take a look at my blog entry from yesterday if you want, I created a memory to send to my Mom! (www.infinite-possibilities dot blogspot dot com)


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