Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Snow.... hmmmm

It's almost Easter and we got about 3" of snow overnight last night. We have already had 70+ degree weather...what's with the snow??? This HAS to be the last hurrah of winter!!! RIGHT????

Well, onward with better things...Easter IS almost here....we are going to my sister's house for Easter, and I can't wait!!! It will be fun, visiting family, long talks and games...it's always best to be with family and friends!
I remember when our kids were home, there would be new outfits, the excitement of children at anything having to do with surprises, and a big dinner to organize, prepare and CLEAN UP after. Now, with all our kids living out of state, those memories are sweet rememberances that we think about and are so very glad that we had the opportunity to experience.

Things are certainly different now...not worse, just different. New memories, new pictures to take and cherish, new traditions to make. Life is GOOD...but we have to embrace the new things, cherish the old, and thank our Heavenly Father for His gifts. And when circumstances that are not good come our way...we have Jesus to talk to, lean on and trust... After all, LIFE IS A TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENT!!! Never forget that!!!

 Okay, on to my card...I have been making a lot of cards lately, for birthdays, etc. but have not watched the challenges to make them fit and have not taken the time to blog. Just too many things on my mind, I guess...I have to FIX that.... Sooooo, finding something to enter a challenge with is kind of difficult. I did make a couple different versions of the one I am going to show you here....I really liked it...it turned out to be very versatile and I was able to fit it for several occasions...Mine never look altogether the same anyway so no worry about sending friends the same card :o)

Pretty simple, easy to make, but it looked nice.
First I stamped the leaf stamp from HERO ARTS on the right side of the cardstock.
Then I cut an opening with a ripped edge look that went into the leaves a little bit for some extra interest.
The designer paper with the butterly is a piece of "Mariposa" paper from DWAV. I love those papers. Of course I embellished the butterfly a little to make it brighter and stand out more because of the dark background.
The writing around the butterfly is done in a very shiny gold, so I used gold to stamp the sympathy sentiment.
I used a pen to run an edge around the opening (4 times) and put rhinestones on the corner.
Also, I stamped the leaves inside the card...I always stamp inside my cards with a coordinating or complimentary stamps or use an embellishment.

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  1. Beautiful! Happy Easter Elena!http://lavenderandrosecreations.blogspot.com/

  2. Hi Elena...I saw your lovely card in the HA Flickr group and thought I'd drop by for a visit. I'm so glad I did, your post really blessed me! It's always nice to meet a sister in Christ.
    Easter Blessings to you~

  3. Hi Elena, so happy to meet another Christian on the crafting network! Glad to have found your blog too! I love your work and look forward to seeing and hearing more of you, here and over at the HA Flickr gallery!
    Many blessings!


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